The Artist


Desmond Sweeney is the resident artist at Kawa Heart Studio. Raised on the northern beaches of Sydney with a penchant for the sea, surfing & painting landscapes, the Artist now resides in Fremantle on the west coast of Australia with his partner & fellow creative Dee Tang & their little assistants Rafa Rose, Beau Sunray & guiding angel Kawa Leaf.

Prior to founding 8footwalls, a background operating an independent signwriting business has stretched Desmond’s expertise across a variety of related disciplines including mural painting, faux effects, traditional signpainting, 2D illustration and teaching. 

A contract with the Scenic Art Department at Opera Australia heralded 5 years as a Scenic Artist painting sets, faux effects, backdrops and props. Desmond has additional 5 years experience teaching special effects props painting, portraiture and scenic painting at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Sydney Australia and his teaching continues at the historic Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia. 

Following from this eventful timeline, Desmond currently produces original oil paintings and giclee prints from his studio in Fremantle and continues to seek new challenges and projects for 8footwalls. 



The artist is renowned for his naturalistic palette & distressed textural finishes seen in major Australian venues. He creates original seascape and landscape murals with soft faded tones and a dreamlike sense of nostalgia. With precedents in traditional wallpaper print, natural history illustration, and early surf photography, the fresco style work calls in the beauty of the natural environment. These murals are painted and designed primarily by Desmond Sweeney and on larger projects by a team of skilled Artisans presented collectively as 8footwalls.

8footwalls is marked out by a breezy, solutions-based approach that brings expansive tranquillity to any interior. As a proven example, an 8footwalls mural at the Paddington in Sydney’s CBD is credited with building the “relaxed British charm” that makes competitors “green eyed” (Venue Magazine, 2017). Desmond’s murals and art have featured in Vogue Living, Real Living, Habitus and Belle magazines.

8footwalls has collaborated on bespoke projects for premiere architects and design firms; Akin Creative, Snoop Global, Acme & Co, Alexander & Co, Danny Broe, Samantha Leigh Interiors and multiple venues for Hemmes Trading Ltd and FJM Property.

The latest projects can be seen at The Esplanade Hotel in St. Kilda and Stanley Restaurant at Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane.